Looking for and dealing with a contract cleaning company such as Gold Service Cleaning doesn’t need to be a workout in pain. Having a responsible and expert attitude for sides of the agreement, you could expect a good experience and dependable service, no matter how big or small your company may be. Of course, sensible goals and good communication are crucial, right from the very start of the collaboration. Here are a few tips for points to go over when you’re interviewing companies that offer cleaning services.

1. Inquire about personnel

Reliable cleaning companies will be glad to tell you regarding how they train their personnel. This training is essential, even for casual workers, given that cleaners will get themselves carrying out major physical labour and even dealing with unsafe materials. Security is very important, too. Ask your possible cleaning company if it does background checks on its staff.

2. Ask about chemicals

A number of the leading companies in commercial cleaning are embracing green cleaning products in preference to older toxic chemical substances. You can ask the company to list the substances and equipment it makes use of – and perform a little homework on your own to see how they rate on the environmental level. You can even realize it’s worthwhile to ask your employees about any kind of hypersensitivity they may have and give this information to your new cleaners.

3. Ask about working experience in the industry

This is a point to think about if you’re not in a regular office scenario, since some cleaning providers have additional industry-specific expertise to present. You could decide to choose one with specialized skills in cleaning a doctor’s office or even a restaurant.

4. Help

Look at what you can do to be able to make the cleaning process better. Often it is something uncomplicated, yet remarkably valuable. For instance, motivate your employees to maintain their workspaces organized. Cleaners can perform their job even more completely if tables and keyboards are not buried under piles of A4. Ensure your office cleaners, or at best their managers, have a way of contacting you in case of an urgent situation after working hours.

5. Stand back

Resist any temptation to micro-manage your cleansers. While there must be some quality control procedures in place, needless to say, they do not definitely demand a 100-point daily checklist. The office cleaners exist to keep your office space in working order which means both you and your staff can easily concentrate on your own business goals. If you have preferred a reputable contract cleaning firm with well-trained personnel, reward yourself by allowing them do their job.

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