A double-sided business card needs to use the extra space efficiently to justify the additional expense in printing the second side. It should not be used mainly for decorative purposes. Rather, it should contain almost twice the amount of information that a single-sided business card has.


For example, a business card for a famous Caribbean resort could feature a picture of the resort on one side and the relevant information on the other, including a cheapCaribbean promo code. The picture is not just for decorative purposes but to give people a clear idea of what the promo code gets them – a fancy upscale accommodation surrounded by palm trees, blue skies and beaches.

This double-sided business card for a consultant for a home maintenance company incorporates a lot of decoration but scarcely any information. The dominant design element is the picture of a wood deck floor.

Overlaying it in a big translucent white font is a phrase, presumably a creative way to express her job title.

The back side has the person’s name and job title on one line, e-mail address on the next line and telephone number and page number on the following line.

The card is in desperate need of a logo. A logo is a simple drawing that helps identify the company. It has to be unique enough so that people can associate it with one company and not several different companies or well-known objects.

For example, when people see the famous BMW logo, they know exactly what it stands for without reading a lot of words or researching. Likewise, if this person uses the logo consistently on all of her promotional materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures, she will be able to get people to recognize her business equally well.

The logo should be placed on the left-hand side. When people look at a business card, they look at the images first and the text second. By putting the logo on the left side, a person’s eyes will look left, then continue to the right reading the text.

If the logo is on the right-hand side, a person will look to the right and then have to skip back to the left to read the text, which makes for an awkward movement.

While the photo of the wood deck is nice, it is not really necessary. It is there for decorative purposes but what the card really needs is information, such as what areas in which she specializes.