Kitchen renovations are some of the most important if you are intending on fixing your home up for personal reasons or in preparation for a sale. The reason for this is that although you will definitely enjoy any renovations you make, you need to consider the things that other people enjoy. You may sell your home one day, or even rent it out if you buy another, so be sure to pick something that others will enjoy as well. However, do not put yourself out if you want to do something fantastic and feel others will not like it.


Cupboards or Shelving

Are you doing a kitchen remodel and planning to put new cupboards in? If so, you may want to think about this, because shelving can be a good alternative, and allow you to show off the beautiful tile design that you have chosen for the walls or counter top. You will find that by using shelving instead of cupboards or drawers, you have the ability to also show off your cooking items and find them easier. Along with installing shelving, you may want to consider upgrading your oven and refrigerator. Stainless steel items are very popular because they are easy to clean and can be shined to perfection in less time than porous surfaces. Stainless wipes for these items can be found at most stores. Be aware, though, that the oven and refrigerator are two of the most expensive components in any remodeling.

You can also choose to be energy efficient if you wish to save on bills by installing Energy-Star rated appliances. This will help lower the overall amount that you have to pay for bills over time, and also help with plumbing costs. These are great items for a more eco-friendly kitchen renovations as they show people that visit your home that you truly care about the environment. These items might be a bit expensive depending on style, but they will pay for themselves in a few years’ time. Energy efficient lighting, or even ambient lighting, can help improve the overall look and feel of the kitchen, especially when paired with timers, dimmer switches, or the ability to have the lights turn themselves on or off if nobody is in the kitchen.


Most times new counters are in the plans with a kitchen renovation. If you are thinking of new quartz countertops West Vancouver then you will have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. This type of engineered stone is very durable, easy to clean and maintain and can even look almost exactly like granite or marble with the more expensive choices. The only drawback with quartz is that the color tends to fade from sunlight exposure. As along as everything is exposed evenly then it’s not a problem, but if one area is exposed and another is always in shade then it will begin to show after a few years.

The Ceilings

The ceilings in a kitchen are a very important factor when renovating. The reason for this is that you need to be sure you have ceilings that can either repel grease and cooking buildup, or be easy to clean. Many people do not consider this, but you can install ceiling tiles much like the tiles you see on a counter top or in a bathroom. Gone are the days of having to spackle paint a weird texture on a ceiling that does not match the wall or floor. The overall look of your kitchen can be vastly improved if you mesh the style of shelving, flooring and appliances with the ceiling design. Tiles can repaint with less fuss than a textured ceiling if you decide to change the color scheme later.

Possibilities are Limitless

Kitchen remodel selections are almost limitless if you have a creative imagination, a reliable budget, and a large period of time in which to finish the work. Although at first you may be a bit intimidated, you will eventually realize that the entire kitchen can reflect your personal touche. You can easily hire someone to come in and do the hard work for any home renovation project you have in mind once you have the overall design figured out, and even have designer people come in to help pick out the best quality colors and brands for your renovation.

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