A photograph on a business card is useful for showing off the company’s finished product. It could be home construction, remodeling  or painting – something that requires a lot of skill. Using a stock photo for a card is questionable at best because there is little connection to the business.


For example, a business card for a luxury resort in the Caribbean would need to feature palm trees and the resort with some water in the foreground. It sets the expectations of the potential tourist. With a cheapcaribbean promo code 2013, people will get very excited about experiencing the warm water, cool breezes, sunny skies, white sandy beaches and lots more.

So with this two-sided business card for a consultant on home maintenance, the photograph needs to be related to the person’s line of work.

Regrettably, it is merely decorative. It stands out as the most distinctive part of the design but it is only the background. It does not represent any work that the company did. Overlaying the photographic background is an expression that displays the job title in a friendlier manner than just listing it.

On the back is the name of the person and her job title, then her e-mail address and finally, her phone number and fax number. Strangely missing is her street address.

The design should get a logo. A logo is simple drawing that is easily recognized as part of the company’s identity. The drawing has to be unique enough to point only to the company and not other companies or everyday objects. For sure, a logo cannot be a drawing of a stock object because everybody would think of the object as they normally understand it. Changing that association would be very difficult.

By using the logo consistently on all of the company business cards, flyers, brochures and presentation folders, a high degree of recognition could be achieved. For example, the famous Mercedes-Benz logo is known around the world.

The logo should sit on the left side to take advantage of the typical person’s reading direction, left to right. By positioning the logo to the left of the text, people will read the text after looking at the logo. People always look at images first and text second. If the logo is on the left, people will look to the left and be in the prime position to read the text after that.

If the logo were on the right, people would look at the right side, then jump to the left to read. Not very efficient.

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