You might be doing a little DIY around the house or a first time toilet installation for someone else. If you want to know how to install or replace a toilet properly, you might want to follow these simple steps in ascending order.
Step 1
Before you start to gather the required tools for the job, you’re going to need plenty of rags, old towels or newspapers to set on the floor area where you will be working to soak up the spills. It’s also very important to lay old towels and rags on the floor, in case you drop the toilet as this could crack the ceramic tile floor. If you are replacing a toilet, you should make sure that the new toilet fits inside the space that is occupied by the toilet that you intend to replace. This is important because toilets are not standard size, some newer models come in longer and larger sizes than traditional designs.
Step 2
Make sure that you shut off the water supply to the toilet if it uses a tank, if it doesn’t use a tank, then you will have to switch off the cold water main line in the bathroom before you proceed. After the water supply is switched off, flush the toilet several times to get rid of the water in the toilet tank. You can also use a toilet brush to push the water down the toilet bowl and use a scoop container to finish taking all of the water out of the toilet bowl. Make sure that you don’t leave any water in the old toilet bowl as this may leak throughout your home when disposing of it.
Step 3
You should unscrew the nuts that attach the toilet to the water supply line. Then you should remove any screw caps that cover the remaining toilet screws and unscrew the nuts located under the screw caps.
Step 4
Using a utility knife, score the caulk seal between the toilet base and the floor and then free the toilet by rocking it from side to side. Once the toilet is loosened, lift the toilet away onto the old towels or rags that you have already set on the tile floor. Then remove the wax gasket by using a putty knife or a similar tool. Make sure that you block the drainpipe with a rag to prevent sewer gas from escaping into the bathroom.
Step 5
Insert your new toilet wax gasket on the outlet of the new toilet bowl. Making sure that the tapered side angles away from the bowl. Double check that the toilet flange is tight and insert a new wax gasket on the outlet of the new bowl and double check that the flange is tight and not starting to rust. The flange tightens the connection between the toilet and waste pipe. It sits on top of the floor connected to a collar ring that slots through the waste pipe opening. Toilet flange gaskets where fixed secure with putty back then, but today there are several plastic toilet flange gaskets to choose from.
Step 6
Remove the rag that was covering your waste pipe, replace the wax on the ring making sure that the plastic ring on the wax is facing down to help direct water flow down the water pipe. Apply a bead of caulk to your toilet base then lower the toilet bowl into place on top of the flange and press down. Level out and screw the bolts on and place the caps over the bolts.
Step 7
Connect to the water line or fit the toilet tank and insert the toilet tank bolts through the base of the tank. Make sure that you position the tank gently over the bowl. Then you connect the toilet tank to the water supply and apply bathroom caulk all along the bottom of the toilet. This will seal the joint between the toilet and the floor. Smooth out using your index finger and wait to dry.

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